‘Well-being Windows’ is a phrase we use at Misk to describe a number of moments throughout the school day where our students are helped to develop their social and emotional skills. They include:

Morning Parade: Welcomed by their Principal to the start of each new day, Misk students sing the National Anthem, listen to a reading from the Quran, and notices for the day. Students are reminded of the VAA or ACP of the fortnight.

Homeroom Teacher or, from Grade 7, Form Tutor: Students’ significant adult at school, this important teacher is responsible for individual social and emotional well-being. This is the first and last person students see each day. After Morning Parade, children spend 15 minutes with their Teacher/ Tutor in the classroom, using a toolbox of activities, from film to debate, to explore VAAs and ACPs and link them to real life.

Lunch Time: The benefits of eating together as a family are well known. Teachers join students for lunch daily, advising them on healthy choices, encouraging conversation and good manners.

Weekly Assemblies: 45-minute Assemblies are used to reinforce VAA or ACP in focus, introducing relevant new concepts. Assemblies are child-centred, encouraging a strong student voice.

CCAP: An exciting range of after-school activities are offered each week for students to enjoy, which also help to develop positive social and emotional skills.