High Performance Learning (HPL) beliefs and behaviours sit at the heart of our Well-being Programme and are the foundation for how students are guided and nurtured into effective and healthy adult living.

We use the HPL Values, Attitudes and Attributes (VAAs) and Advanced Cognitive Performance Characteristics (ACPs) as our central and constant points of reference across our entire programme of social and emotional well-being. Whether this is discovering the meaning of empathy, the power of seeing alternate perspectives, how deliberate practice trains proficiency, or what an act of kindness looks like, our VAAs and ACPs help students build character and grow into considerate, thinking young men and women.

Focusing on a new VAA or ACP every two weeks of term, we leverage a number of mechanisms and routines to explore and reinforce the definition of, and concepts behind, each of our High Performance Learning objectives. These mechanisms become a familiar and trusted framework for our children, providing approaches to learning, behavioural boundaries, and the security of care that each individual student needs whilst at school.