Grades 4, 5 and 6 - Separate schools for boys and girls aged 10 to 12 years

The goal of the Upper Primary is to take students on a natural and progressive learning journey – one that allows them to build on and connect their pre-existing knowledge with the more advanced concepts and information presented in Grades 4 to 6. It is our aim that they leave Upper Primary with enhanced independent and critical thinking skills, and with a heightened sense of their place and purpose in the world.

Students across the Upper Primary Schools are nurtured in a well-balanced socio-emotional and academic curriculum. Educators strive to cultivate enriching environments within classrooms as well as across the wider school community. Our homeroom teachers play a fundamental role in accompanying each student's learning journey so that their experience at Misk is personalised and empowered. In turn, this allows students to be challenged and extended, as well as start to become independent and resilient learners.

Our curriculum equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge required to achieve success within the classroom as well as to navigate the world they live in. It provides flexibility for each individual student’s interests to be explored and is adapted to suit their context within the Kingdom.

What do students learn in Upper Primary at Misk Schools?
Students explore the following curriculum areas:

• Core Subjects: English, Arabic, Mathematics and Science

• National Identity Subjects: Islamic Studies and Social Studies

• Specialist Subjects: Computing , Art and Design, Music, Physical Education and Chinese

Small class sizes are maintained so that individual needs are better catered for, and a nurturing environment is fostered. Learning support staff are available across the school to address areas of need across both Arabic and English subjects.

Typical Shape of the Day at the Upper Primary Schools

Morning Parade, Well-being Window and Registration (07:50 to 08:15)
Welcomed by their Principal and Senior Leadership Team at the start of each new day, students sing the National Anthem, listen to a reading from the Quran, and notices for the day. Students take their turn to speak publicly, discussing the HPL theme for the week.

Period 1 (08:15 to 09:15)
Period 2 (09:15 to 10:15)

Morning Snack/Break (10:15 to 10:35)
Period 3 (10:35 to 11:35)

Period 4 (11:35 to 12:35)

Lunch and Prayer Break (12:35 to 13:35)

Period 5 (13:35 to 14:35)
Period 6 (14:35 to 15:35)

Co-Curricular Activities Programme (CCAP) (15:35 to 16:35 Sunday to Wednesday)