Kindergarten (KG), incorporating Pre-Kindergarten (PreK)

Co-educational for boys and girls aged 4 to 6 years

The goal of the Kindergarten at Misk Schools is to give children social and emotional self-confidence, as well as develop their problem-solving, creative thinking and foundational study skills, so they are well prepared intellectually as well as personally, for their educational journey ahead. 

As an accredited Cambridge International school, our curriculum focuses on the whole child, connecting students’ learning with the world and people around them.

We follow an experiential, play-based approach – play being a familiar yet fundamental element for children in their early years.

Our classrooms are child-centred featuring safe and engaging indoor and outdoor learning spaces designed to encourage children’s natural curiosity.

All our students are unique, with their own particular needs and abilities. We embrace this individuality, carefully crafting a personalised pathway for each child to pioneer his or her journey of critical thinking, creativity and interpersonal development.

What do students learn in Kindergarten at Misk Schools?
We encourage our youngest students to become global learners as they start to understand their own culture, community and identity, as well as those of others in different parts of the world. We do this through an array of subjects:

• English (Communication and Literacy): Speaking, listening, reading and writing are crucial to early development. Showing children the importance of language through fun activities and encouraging them to engage with a wide range of texts helps to ignite a lifelong thirst for knowledge.

Arabic (Communication and Literacy) and Islamic studies: Students develop their understanding of the Arabic language and Islam through a series of creative projects and activities that help them to build connections between information and practice.

Mathematics: At an early age, it's important to help children recognise how Mathematics impacts everyday life. Through games and activities, we introduce our students to the mathematical language, thinking and concepts that they will need when they start their primary education.

Science, Computing and Chinese (Knowledge of the World): Children’s natural curiosity must be encouraged, so they are equipped to reflect, question, explore and interact, and be guided in their understanding of the world.

Art and Design, and Music (Creative Expression): Creative interpretation and expression allows children to communicate ideas and develop imagination through art, design, drama, music and movement.

Physical Education: Our curriculum encourages children to develop their coordination and physical agility through play, promoting positive attitudes towards exercise and laying the foundations for healthy, active lives.

Subjects are underpinned by our exceptional Well-being Programme, which helps students to develop social learning and friendships, regulate their emotional responses, respond to the needs of others, and develop self-esteem and confidence.

Typical Shape of the Day at the Kindergarten at Misk Schools
Each day is an exciting one in our Kindergarten. Below is a sample schedule:

Arrival (07:30 to 08:00)
As students arrive, they are welcomed by teachers and are invited to make activity choices.

Well-being Window (08:00 to 08:15)
The entire class gathers to sit in a circle. During this time, students are excited to share their news, discuss the calendar and check in with one another.

Period 1 (08:15 to 09:15)
Period 2 (09:15 to 10:15)

Morning Snack and Outdoor Play (10:15 to 10:50)
Students are provided with a small, nutritious snack which is eaten in the Dining Hall. The students then eagerly head to our outdoor area where they have access to open-ended resources. Students are encouraged to lead their play by independently creating games.

Period 3 (10:50 to 11:35)
Period 4 (11:35 to 12:35)

Lunch and Outdoor Play (12:35 to 13:35)
Students are provided with a school lunch which is served in the Dining Hall. Once everyone has finished their lunch, the students are able to explore our outdoor play area again.

Period 5 (13:35 to 14:35)
Period 6 (14:35 to 15:35)

Co-Curricular Activity Programme (CCAP) (15:35 to 16:35) CCAP is optional for Kindergarten students.
Our students eagerly discover, explore and further develop their personal interests and talents through a variety of optional co-curricular activities which are on offer from Sunday through Thursday. Example activities include Playball, Stay and Play, Art Club, Yoga, Reading Rockets and much more.