The importance of both community and pedagogical goals in campus design cannot be underestimated.

When we developed our state-of-the-art campus in Mohammed Bin Salman Nonprofit City, we focused on four key goals to ensure it is a place where everyone feels at home and able to perform at their best.

Build confidence, curiosity, and a desire to lead
As a school that focuses on preparing and empowering young minds to become leaders and idea shapers, our entire campus has been designed to be a student-centred environment in which individual and team creativity is facilitated, where ingenuity is encouraged, and where new thinking is showcased and celebrated.

Support all learning
Personalised learning is key to our proposition, so it has naturally informed the design process. There are traditional classrooms, but they were not our starting point. We rather considered the whole campus to be a classroom, and focused on tailoring every available indoor/outdoor area to be flexible and adaptable, creating blended learning spaces that do not only meet the developmental needs of each cohort, but also support different teaching and learning approaches including taught classes, independent study, one-to-one coaching, collaborative and peer-to-peer learning, group project work, team presentations, etc.

Promote a sense of calm belonging
Gone are the days of schools being just functional institutions. Modern campuses cultivate communities, reinforce values, and nourish the soul. Buildings that are beautiful, sustainable, and light-filled make people feel comfortable and welcome. Health and well-being are best served when interior design and exterior landscaping interact and provide inspiring spaces to exercise, relax, study, build relationships and connect socially.

Facilitate High Performance
The High Performance Learning philosophy being our mantra, Misk Schools’  facilities are second to none. Our campus features world-class spaces for science, technology and engineering, design and creativity, performance and leadership, not to mention the vast array of sporting facilities for football, golf, riding, swimming, e-sports and many others.

In order to allow total connectedness for all individuals and group community configurations our technology infrastructure is omnipresent, scalable, and secure. Access to power is ubiquitous and sustainable solutions have been prioritised.

Our 21-hectare campus comprises nine school buildings for male and female students (aged 4 to 18), and has been designed to support our focus on leadership education, creativity, and High Performance Learning. Misk Schools facilities are unparalleled. More information here.