Term Dates and FAQs

The Misk Schools academic year is split into three terms, according to the Academic Calendar for Saudi schools which is set each year by the Ministry of Education. A full calendar for the school year 2023/24 with term dates as well as holidays can be found here. The main dates are:

20th August 2023 – First day Term 1
16th November 2023 – Last day Term 1
26th November 2023 – First Day Term 2
22nd February 2024 – Last day Term 2
3rd March 2024 – First day Term 3
10th June 2024 – End of Term 3


What is the minimum age for students to be eligible to apply to Misk Schools?

The minimum age for PreK - KG - Grade 1 is determined by the Ministry of Education at the end of every academic year.

When are fees due?

Fee payment is to be completed before the school year starts. Due dates are specified in the invoices sent following the acceptance letters.

My son/daughter has never been to school so I cannot provide a school report. Is my application considered incomplete?

School reports are on an if-available basis for PreK and KG applicants. If they are the only item you are missing, your application is complete.

For more information please contact: admissions@miskschools.edu.sa