Our Well-being Programme has been developed in the context of Vision 2030, which highlights the importance of values-based approaches to developing children’s character, and calls on schools to work with families to: “...reinforce the fabric of society by providing students with the compassion, knowledge, and behaviours necessary for resilient and independent characters to emerge.”

We encourage our students to adopt the highest possible standards of behaviour, values and moral standards. Misk Schools’ positive behaviour policy follows the broad guidelines of the KSA Ministry of Education’s “Code of School Discipline” (2018).

Education is a partnership between students, staff and parents. Our aim is to ensure that all parties in this three-way relationship have the highest values and standards of behaviour in and outside of the classroom setting. We believe that good manners and a secure learning environment play a crucial part in the development of intellectually curious and successful students.

Our behavioural structure and lines of communication are organised so that students, staff and parents understand how behaviour is dealt with, and that it is managed in a fair and consistent way.

The Homeroom Teacher or Tutor is the first point of contact in the resolution of any issue. Should escalation be required, there are clear layers in place, helping to ensure that any incident is dealt with quickly, carefully and appropriately.