Grades 7 and 8 - Separate schools for boys and girls aged 12 to 14 years

The goal of the Middle Schools is to empower students to take responsibility for their learning, building on their strengths and addressing any gaps, while also starting to explore options for further education in the context of potential career pathways. We encourage them to challenge themselves and each other, becoming ambitious and aspirational about the impact they can have as they mature into pioneering, influential citizens of the world.

We adopt a balanced and decentralised approach to teaching in the Middle Schools. Learning is student-centred and highly personalised. To achieve this, we ensure that termly unit plans are revisited and renewed weekly, to take into account each student’s progress and achievement.

Our assessments for and of learning are designed to provide continual, tailored extension and support, so every student achieves his or her personal best in all areas of school life

We follow the Ministry of Education academic calendar which splits the school year into trimesters (three terms). Summative assessments (assessments of learning) are used to inform each end of trimester reporting grade.

What do students learn in Middle School at Misk Schools?
We follow the Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum for English instruction subjects, including:

• English
• Mathematics
• Science
• Physical Education
• Computing
• Integrated Studies*
• Art and Design
• Music

In addition, we also cater to the Saudi Ministry of Education’s National Identity Subjects instructed in Arabic:

• Social Studies
• Arabic Language
• Islamic Studies

Towards the end of Grade 8, students are supported through the process of IGCSE option choices. This is a very important phase in students’ school life. For the first time, they have an opportunity to influence their own destiny and choose subjects that will shape the remainder of their educational lives. More information on this process and the choices available can be found in our Options Booklet.

* An engaging and innovative course designed to help students think laterally, bringing together concepts across disciplines through the study of Global Perspectives, Chinese and the Culinary Arts, and the delivery of a final independent Project.

Typical Shape of the Day at the Middle Schools

Morning Parade, Well-being Window and Registration (07:50 to 08:15)
Welcomed by their Principal and Senior Leadership Team at the start of each new day, students sing the National Anthem, listen to a reading from the Quran, and notices for the day. Students take their turn to speak publicly, discussing the HPL theme for the week.

The rest of the day is split into six learning periods, and two breaks, to conclude by 15:35.

Co-Curricular Activities Programme (CCAP) (15:35 to 16:35 Sunday to Wednesday) 
CCAP choices conclude the afternoons four days per week. Older students also have access to study sessions during these times.