Safeguarding Forum puts Safety First in Saudi Schools

Misk Schools had the privilege of hosting Saudi Arabia’s 2nd Safeguarding Forum, in partnership with The Safeguarding Alliance. 

The event brought together over 30 international schools to pledge their commitment to growing safeguarding excellence in the Kingdom. We were honoured to have attendees from the Ministry of Education, including Dr Abdulrahman Alardi, Senior Advisor, Dr Bjad Albudairy, Director-General of International Organisations, Mr Saad Zaid Alsagabi, National Sport Activity Superintendent, and Mr Mohsen Alqarni, Educational Supervisor.

Following welcome remarks from Misk Schools’ Director General, Dr Steffen Sommer,  the Forum was officially opened by Misk Schools’ Designated Safeguarding Lead, Yasir Alsharif who had the pleasure of introducing Emily Konstantas, CEO of The Safeguarding Alliance, as the esteemed keynote speaker. 

During the event, participants had the chance to connect with others and build valuable networks, while also exchanging insights on safeguarding best practices through workshops. An interactive quiz session on Saudi safeguarding laws stimulated lively discussions on policy development, fostering a safeguarding culture, and promoting collaboration among schools.

“It was inspiring to hear about the experiences of other schools and to witness the passion and commitment to safeguarding across the community,” said Yasir Alsharif, Misk Schools’ Designated Safeguarding Lead. “We are grateful to all who attended and contributed to the event's success, and look forward to continuing to work together to promote safeguarding excellence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Misk Schools’ Director General, Dr Steffen Sommer added: “Misk Schools remains committed to this important mission and will continue to lead the way in creating a safe and nurturing environment for our students and staff.”

The Forum was part of a week-long focus on safeguarding at Misk Schools, which also included a parent talk with over 50 parents attending the session to learn about our safeguarding culture and achievements. In addition, student assemblies delivered by The Safeguarding Alliance team provided essential information about safeguarding in a positive and engaging way.