ETEC and Misk Schools Sign Agreement to Implement School Accreditation

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – The Education and Training Evaluation Commission (ETEC), through the National Center for Assessment and School Excellence (NCSEE), has signed an agreement with Misk Schools for the implementation of the school accreditation process.

The agreement was signed by Dr Steffen Sommer, Director General of Misk Schools and

Dr Ahmed Al-Jubaili, Executive Director of the NCSEE. 

"We are delighted to be working with ETEC and NCSEE to achieve accreditation,” said Dr Sommer. “This process forms an important part of a broader set of strategies designed to underpin our position as one of Saudi Arabia’s leading schools, and the Kingdom’s best school for leadership education.”

The school accreditation programme is regarded as official recognition that a school has met the Commission’s guidelines and expectations. By monitoring performance based on standards and indicators, the school accreditation system strives to promote a culture of evaluation and continuous improvement as an approach to daily school practice.

Within the context of achieving the goals of Vision 2030 and the Human Capability Development Program, the school accreditation programme aims to control the quality of inputs and processes, ensure the quality and governance of educational and training outputs, increase beneficiary satisfaction, raise the school’s efficiency in using its material and human resources, and enhance the capacity for innovation and development in educational programmes.