Saudi Identity Subjects Curriculum



Saudi Identity subjects are essential parts of Misk school’s educational program. They contribute to the achievement of the educational policy of KSA by strengthening the Islamic faith in the hearts of students, ensuring their mastery of their mother tongue, informing them of their rich history and linking them to their culture, instilling Saudi national identity in their hearts, and promoting local as well as international citizenship values in them so they become aware of who they are as Saudis and as global citizens.

The school has its own Saudi Identity subjects’ curriculum, which includes Islamic education, Arabic language and social studies (history-geography-national education).

The curriculum is developed based on the best theories and practices in the field of learning and teaching, and the content is organized according to the standards-based approach. These curriculum standards are developed based on the school’s vision and mission in connection with the specialized content and on the Misk school’s graduate profile supporting creativity and innovation, fulfilling students’ needs, aspirations and talents, and achieving their overall growth in their spiritual, ethical, cognitive, artistic, social and emotional aspects. The content is carefully selected to cover the most important concepts and skills of the specialized subject content, which help students to reach mastery of knowledge and skills and have the tools to be lifelong learners.

The Misk curriculum gives teachers the space to design their units according to the scope & sequence and the curriculum standards using backward design. They use diverse students’ centered learning strategies and methods that offer students opportunities for creativity and innovation of which inquiry, experimental project-based learning and the use of technology are essential parts to ensure a focus on thinking skills as well as social real-life skills.