Misk Community Events and Progress Reporting

We open the school each year for a number of special occasions. Our annual Learning Exhibition is a wonderful day when parents, friends and family are invited to come and see different classes and activities in action, while our Student Led Conference (also annual) is a particularly innovative event when we flip roles, allowing students to take ownership/ agency of their learning at school. Teachers become facilitators, students become leaders and our parents are invited in to become active listeners to their child’s learning.

Celebrations of significant milestones and achievements include KG Graduation as well as our End of Year event, an auspicious occasion when the Misk Schools community comes together to celebrate the completion of a year full of learning, exploration and growth. Performances from Upper Primary students see them display soft skills such as public speaking, collaboration, coordination and communication, while presenting pieces that include body-movement, music and acting. Parents and extended families are warmly invited to join us for this memorable experience which showcases and appreciates how much students have matured and developed.

Formal reporting and feedback on student progress is delivered via Parent Teacher conferences which are held twice a year. Report cards go out three times a year.