Co-Curricular Activities


The skills and competencies of our children are one of the most important and cherished assets. To make the most of their potential, we will build a culture that rewards determination, provides opportunities for all and helps everyone acquire the necessary skills to achieve their personal goals.

Vision 2030

Our Co-Curricular Activity Program (CCAP) gives students the opportunity to take part in a range of activities for up to two hours a day after school. Our aim is that by exposing our students to a variety of options, CCAPs will energize their curiosity and ignite new passions, supporting Vision 2030 which commits to offering opportunities for students to nurture strong roots, develop fulfilling lives, and empower societies.

All of our classes offer a host of learning opportunities and are tailored to help students develop physically, emotionally, academically and socially in the context of the demands of their 21st century lives and future careers.

The CCAP program also utilizes Talent Identification and Gifted and Talented models to identify exceptional students and place them in environments where their natural ability can be nurtured through formal and informal learning, and systematic skill development.

Our program offers a blend of Misk-designed activities as well as specialist courses designed by external partners who are regional leaders in their fields. Currently students can participate in the following strands: Sports, Arts, Technology, Engineering, Languages, Culture and Heritage, Music and Leadership. We regularly review our range of activities to ensure they meet the needs of our cohort.