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Extended Learning Activities

Extended Learning is a pivotal part of our overall program at MiSK Schools, and students are expected to be a part of these out-of-classroom learning opportunities, every day.

The last hours of school each day will be spent in extended learning that will range from active team sports and individual sports and activities, to language and specialty clubs, various hobby or fun activities, as well as some clubs with an academic focus.

In keeping with MiSK Schools’ broader mission, every extended learning opportunity will have a goal and plan. For example, as students learn a sport, they’re also learning the skill such as teamwork. While concepts learned in an art club also have an effect on a classroom content outcome.

The options offered will depend on the skills and experience of the professionals teaching at MiSK Schools, as they will be leading these activities. There will also be supervisors from outside our staff—and we welcome introductions from students and their families.

There will be about 15 opportunities offered each day for the students to choose from, such as dance, art, gardening, drama, football, swimming, badminton, mathematics, languages, cooking, sewing, crocheting, animal care, service projects, and many more.

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