Learning Support

At MiSK Schools the objective of learning support in making provision for students with learning support needs is in line with the school’s and the IB’s philosophy and mission regarding the inclusion of all students in learning. Our Learning Support department focuses on those students who may need extra support in the classroom setting or on those who may need more challenging and rigorous curriculum.

In support of the mission, purpose, and philosophy of MiSK Schools, as existing space and resources allow, students with mild learning needs will be admitted in accordance with the School's admissions policy. Decisions regarding admission and services for a student will be made on a case-by-case basis within the Board policy and these guidelines and parameters.

The type and level of support services offered to individual students as determined by the Student Support Team (made up of the learning support teacher, subject area or homeroom teacher, principal, ELL teacher and counselor when needed) will be designed to foster student academic achievement. Learning support services are designed to encourage positive relationships between the students, parents, teachers, specialists, and other school personnel.

MiSK Schools accommodates students with special needs within the parameters of its existing resources and program options. If the Student Support Team determines that those resources are inadequate to meet an individual student's needs, the Admissions Team, of whom the School Principal and Director General are a part, may deny admission or continued enrollment. Decisions that result in discontinued enrollment at MiSK Schools will be in collaboration with parents to support the transitioning student.

The program will be consistent with the IB Programmes of study and adopted standards-based and assessment driven model in order to foster successful teaching and learning in every classroom. Learning support services are not intended to provide an alternative course of study; rather they are intended to help a student be successful within the regular school curriculum. Classroom teachers maintain primary responsibility for the instruction and work in collaboration with the learning support specialists to ensure a student's learning needs are met.

MiSK Schools defines a student with mild learning need as someone who:

  • Requires not more than an average of 60 minutes per day of individual and/or small group support
  • Receives support services from a learning support teacher, and/or counselor in order to be successful in the inquiry based IB and standards based academic program offered in the core mainstream instructional program.

MiSK Schools does not have an educational program for:

  • Students who require a self-contained learning environment.
  • Students with developmental, physical and/or emotional needs/disabilities that require services beyond the scope of our existing programs.
  • Students who exhibit a continual pattern of behavior in the classroom that is disruptive to the learning process.

MiSK Schools Learning Support Team (SST):

  • School Principal
  • Classroom teacher(s) directly responsible for the student
  • Learning Support Specialist
  • School Counselor
  • Parent of student
  • Student

At MiSK Schools we value and respect all students equally and aim to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to engage in the curriculum. We seek to offer every child with special educational needs a broad, balanced and relevant education and enable learners to experience educational success and be fully included in their school community. We recognize that some students will need additional support during part of their school education to ensure access to the whole curriculum. In addition, we recognize that some students will require additional challenge and extension in areas where their abilities are particularly strong or advanced.

This policy does not consider language needs that are dealt with separately in the MiSK Schools Language Policy.