Language Support

The ability to communicate using language is key to learning and to living happily and productively within the societal and political contexts. Learning a language is a complex undertaking—involving the physical, intellectual, and emotional aspects of the learner. It is therefore not confined to the classroom.

At MiSK Schools, both the language of instruction and additional language learning occurs transdisciplinary through the use of the IB Inquiry model in conjunction with project based learning and experiential learning. In the MiSK Schools, both inside and outside of the classroom, language is used in context and for a purpose, empowering the learner to become a fully functioning individual within a community of learners and the world.

One English Language Learning (ELL) specialist teacher has been assigned to each grade level in our Primary Years Program (PYP). The ELL teacher works closely with teachers as they plan units of inquiry, lessons, tasks and assessments.

The ELL teacher also offer guidance to classroom teachers on practices that will meet the language needs of all of our students. These specialists also works closely with students in the homeroom environment, where Students learn English while working and playing together with their peers in a safe environment.

While academic language is the focus in learning and understanding the knowledge, skills and concepts in the various disciplines, it is also important for students to learn English language in a social context. For this reason, the Primary School believes in the philosophy of inclusiveness and the need for students to stay with their peers throughout the school day while developing their level of English proficiency.