Our Support Services

Our student support services is made up of programs that enhance the teaching and learning and students’ academic, social and emotional well-being at MiSK Schools. The student support team is made up of the learning support teacher, homeroom or single subject teacher responsible for the student, principal, counselor and ELL teacher.

English Language Learning:

The Primary School can support students who have limited English language skills to those who may be more proficient but may still need a bit of support. Students learn academic and social English in their classrooms with the support of an English Language Learning specialist teacher assigned to each grade level.

Learning Support:

The Primary School at MiSK Schools can support students with mild learning needs. MiSK Schools defines mild learning needs as those students who:

  • Require not more than an average of 60 minutes per day of individual and/or small group support
  • Receive support services from a learning support teacher, and/or counselor in order to be successful in the inquiry based IB and standards based academic program offered in the core mainstream instructional program.

In addition to supporting students identified with needing extra support, the learning support teacher supports students who may need more challenge in the various learning they do throughout the course of the school year.


MiSK Schools’ counseling services support and promote the emotional, social and academic growth of our primary school students. Our school counselor oversees our health and wellness program for students while attending to grade specific lessons, collaboration with teachers, small group and individual counseling and being a member of our admissions team.

School Nurse:

The school nurse is available everyday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM and oversees the school clinic. Students who become ill during the course of the school day will go to the clinic for an evaluation of the nurse. If the nurse deems the student to be too unwell to return to classes, she will contact the parents, who will need to come pick up their child immediately.