Primary School (Grades PreK-5)


We are excited about our first year of operation and look forward to working in partnership with our students and their parents to support the learning journey of the first cohort of MiSK Schools students.

To ensure that our students are READY FOR LIFE, we will ensure that our key core value of RESPECT guides our community in their actions and words.

We plan to be unique, and this is through:

  • Personalised learning (12 students to 2.5 teachers)
  • Technology rich environment
  • The high proportion of different nationalities on our teaching staff

Through the implementation of the Primary Years Program (PYP) combined with the integration of Arabic Language, Islamic Studies, and Saudi Arabia History and Geography, we plan to deliver an educational experience that will play a transformative role in driving change in the Kingdom. Our caring staff and Extended Learning Activities also ensure that our students learn in a positive and vibrant climate where they feel safe and confident.

MiSK is a school with roots in the culture of Saudi Arabia. This is mirrored by the composition of employees within the school and the ratio of students belonging to Saudi families. It is important to recognize the reasons for maintaining the place of MiSK within the Saudi culture:

  • a.Understanding and building respect for Saudi Arabia as not only the host culture country, but also as the source of the history and cultural characteristics of the school.
  • b.Providing opportunities for the students to understand the social needs of the country and reflect on their contribution and their responsibilities in such a community.
  • c. Creating opportunities for awareness and understanding of the diversity, influences and complexities of the modern day Saudi Arabia with growing multicultural communities.

Learning is a partnership, and communication is key to nurturing that relationship. Further information about the Primary School can be obtained through:


The Primary school consists of students from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 5.

  • Our school day starts at 8am and finishes at 5pm from Sunday to Wednesday.
  • On Thursday all students finish at 3.15pm while the teachers undergo school based professional learning between 3.30pm-5pm.
  • From Sunday to Wednesday, the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students have the option to finish at 3.15pm and this choice will be selected by the parents in the first week of school. A change to the time of departure can be made in January after the mid-point of the year has commenced.