Our Extended Learning Program

Our Extended Learning Program is a pivotal part of our overall educational program at MiSK Schools, and our students are expected to take part of these out-of-classroom learning opportunities, every day. The Program supports the students’ classroom experience through extracurricular supervised activities (academic and nonacademic) that go beyond the conventional learning experience.

The Program aims to enhance students’ learning, self-dependence, and self-discovery and it has been designed to provide the most appropriate environment to support our students’ development. It meets the cognitive and affective needs of students to foster their inquisitive nature and motivate them to be knowledge- inquirers and disciplined students.

We believe in providing our students with activities that go beyond the classrooms and textbooks, experiences that will enrich their mental and emotional status, with a deeper awareness of their cultural values.

All students in Grades one and older are required to participate in our Extended Learning Program, Sunday through Wednesday.

Students in Prekindergarten and Kindergarten have the option of participating in our Extended Learning Program.