Primary Years Programme (PYP)


MiSK Schools is an IBPYP (International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme) Candidate School and plans to seek authorisation for the IBMYP and IBDP as the school grows.

The International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) mission statement and philosophy of education, prepares students to be ready for the life beyond school and hence has a strong alignment with the MiSK Schools Vision.

The IB PYP is a curriculum framework and requires pedagogical teaching practices that are aligned with what our school needs to do for our MiSK students to be Ready for Life.

The PYP curriculum framework provides a structure where the teachers find connections between the different subject standards and benchmarks. These subject standards and benchmarks are collated together in a format called a Unit of Inquiry (UOI). The subject standards that are not included in the UOI are taught as stand-alone units.

Most of the subject standards for Literacy, Science and Social Studies are integrated in the UOI. For the most part during Year 1, the following subjects (Maths/Art/PE/Drama/Arabic Language and Islamic Studies) will be taught as stand-alone units.


The primary purpose of assessment is to provide feedback and improve student understanding and learning. It is also for teachers to understand and determine where a student is in his/her learning journey.

MiSK Schools’ stakeholders believe that assessment should be student centered. While assessment gives teachers an understanding of the learner’s level of understanding, learners should also be a part of the assessment process. Throughout MiSK Schools, learners will be assessed on their academic, physical, social and emotional development.

To measure the learning progress of our students we use the following scale:

Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 5 uses a continuum using four (4) stages with reference to a generic set of descriptors (see below). Every Primary School year level has reviewed and identified benchmarks for planning and reporting.

Achievement Descriptor
Emerging The student is beginning to demonstrate learning this benchmark when given direct guidance and support from the teacher.
Developing The student can demonstrate this learning benchmark with minimal guidance and support from the teacher and requires further practice.
Proficient The student competently and independently can demonstrate this learning benchmark.
Exemplary The student is able to apply and transfer the knowledge and skills of the learning benchmark with originality and insight.
Not Applicable (n/A) This learning benchmark has not yet been addressed.

Student REPORTS are issued twice per year, in January and June.

At MiSK Schools we encourage students to develop Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills - skills that will be used in their lives beyond skill and are transferable across all areas of life and work.

ATL REPORTS are issued twice per year and used for Student Led Conferences and conversations at Student-Parent-Teacher conferences.