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How We Teach English

At MiSK Schools, we believe language is integral to exploring and sustaining personal development, cultural identity and intercultural understanding. It’s also tightly linked to cognitive growth, being the process by which meaning and knowledge are negotiated and constructed in young minds.

Language is the main tool for building our knowledge of the universe and our place in it. Language then, is central to learning, as well as to literacy, and is thus closely related to success in school.

At MiSK Schools, everyone is a learner of languages and culture, and all teachers are language teachers. The staff of the Department of Language Acquisition actively engages in building and bolstering each student’s language learning experience, and works collaboratively with classroom teachers to provide deeply personalized learning support customised to the learning context.

At MiSK Schools we are moving towards a plurilingual community, in which students whose mother tongue is other than English, heritage speakers of Arabic, and students who are studying additional languages are all encouraged, supported, and—not least—celebrated in their language learning endeavors.

Language is the tool of the tools.― Lev Vygotsky

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